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ERP Integration

Automated data exchange between ERP system, CAD system, and configurator.

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Passing on product information to the ERP system to create bill of materials and work plans.

Logik ERP integrations enable automatic data exchange between ERP system, CAD system, and configurator, as well as control of manufacturing processes and processing of their feedback.

We work with our own integrations in Sage Office Line & Sage 100, Infor COM & Infor AS, proALPHA, SAP R/3, SAP S4/HANA, Microsoft Dynamics AX & Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Applus, PSIPENTA, Avista ERP, ABAS and others.

Through the ERP integration, product information from the CAD system - item master data, assembly structures, bill of materials, CAD models, and technical drawings - is quickly and completely transferred to the ERP system. The data flow between sales and production ensures timely production. Lead times for orders are significantly reduced, which lowers process costs and shortens delivery times.

Logik-ERP Integration

The integrations are designed to have read access to all data objects in the ERP system. However, write access is restricted to the business objects of the ERP system.

This allows for error-free and release-capable integration. Examples of business objects include creating offers and items, or creating bill of materials.

End-to-end process chain
  • Listenhacken Offer configuration
  • Listenhacken Product configuration
  • Listenhacken Loading production orders into the ERP system.
  • Listenhacken Order control and processing.
  • Listenhacken Automatic generation of CAD models and NC programs for manufacturing.