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Established over 23 years – Innovation shapes the future

We, Logik software + consulting GmbH, consider ourselves your professional partner in Product Configuration for over 23 years. Founded as one would say today a ‘Startup’, we have grown into one of the largest providers of product configuration thanks to strong partners and many helping hands. In the following you can see some of the milestones of our journey that have shaped us and from which we still benefit today.


Establishment of Logik software + consulting GmbH in Lampertheim.


Move to the new location in Reilingen.


Logik software + consulting GmbH introduces the Logik Webconfigurator, with which existing configurators can be transferred to the web without programming effort.


The Herbert Hänchen GmbH implements the Logik product configurator for its internal sales configuration.


Launch of the Logic DCS (Dynamic Configuration System), which allows you to set up configurators very quickly.


Siemens Mobility AG from Switzerland is implementing the Logic Product Configurator to compile its own product divisions according to SAP.


With the Logic EAM (Enterprise Asset Manager), all existing interfaces to CAD and ERP systems are brought together in a central platform and upgraded to the latest technological development standards.


Mr. Christoph Trunk becomes the new CEO of the company in addition to Mr. Ernst Sorg.


Transfer of the CEO role from Mr. Ernst Sorg to Mrs. Rojin Marzban. Mr. Christoph Trunk remains CEO of Logik software + consulting GmbH.