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Product configurator: A software for all business processes.

Many companies are required to respond as quickly and flexibly as possible to customer requirements. For this purpose, rule-based and centralized product maintenance is essential. A centralized product knowledge ensures in the background that the ever-increasing variety of product variants as well as individual single orders can be implemented.

With the help of our product configurator software, we not only create a seamless CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) process as a digital link between customer and production, but also centralize product knowledge and simplify processes. Rule-based product configuration software is rightfully already an important component in many companies, allowing for the expansion of product ranges and optimization of processes.

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Product Configurator by Logik GmbH: Diverse areas of application.

The trend towards product customization continues in both B2C and B2B sectors. With our configurator software, you can also ensure that you offer products with a variety of options and create custom products for your customers in a modern way. The software also supports the upstream quotation process or product presentation.

No matter what type of company you are - whether it is mechanical engineering, industry, trade, or crafts - we tailor the product configurator exactly to your needs.

What sets the product configurator software from Logik GmbH apart?

Our main features at a glance

Our product configurator software is built on a highly scalable product that can be tailored to your needs. With the easy-to-learn Logik IDE (Integrated Development Environment), customers can maintain the software themselves after training from our developers. The software is also suitable for complex configurators with various options and rules.

Integration of the product configurator software into existing systems.

The Logik product configurator helps you integrate product knowledge into your existing ERP, CRM, CAD, and web environment - regardless of the platform. In addition, the software can be easily adapted to internal company processes, as it is not a standardized solution. The data in the background can then be presented in a user-friendly manner using a web configurator.

What added value does a product configurator software offer?

By maintaining product knowledge in a rule-based and centralized manner, potential sources of errors can be avoided and processes simplified. The product configurator particularly assists you in addressing the following challenges:

  • Long lead times for quotes and orders until the finished product.
  • Faulty pricing and discount structures.
  • Increased effort required due to coordination between sales, engineering, and production for individual order requirements.

A product configurator allows for automated processes, resulting in savings of time and costs. As a result, your company can increase its competitiveness and profit margins.

Product configurator software by Logik: inquire now!

Centralized product knowledge benefits all users. Sales staff no longer have to ask technical questions, as the necessary know-how is already stored in the configurator. Customers can directly configure and order their products online. In production, fewer drawings need to be created manually as the product configurator takes care of this.

Overall, the product configurator software is an essential tool for companies that offer complex and individual products. We would be happy to explain the possibilities for your company in a non-binding conversation.